Monkton Farleigh Post Office and Shop

On 9 December 2014, the Post Office closed permanently having first opened in 1889.  The closure is a tremendous loss as the PO and Shop has been a focal point of the village, the hub of the community and meeting place for many.  The shop ceases trading on 20 December so this is a double blow and will mean a major change to the lives of many villagers.

On 12 December, villagers met at the PO/Shop to show appreciation and to give thanks to Ron Scott, who travelled daily from Bristol for almost 20 years, for being sub-postmaster, for running the shop and bringing newspapers.   A presentation to Mr and Mrs Scott, who are retiring, was made on behalf of the Parish Council by Phyllis Thorne, a Parish Councillor and a villager since birth.

Together with a Post Office official, the Parish Council is still seeking someone to provide an outreach service in the village hall.

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5 thoughts on “Monkton Farleigh Post Office and Shop

  1. Broadstones

    As a resident of the village I feel that Monkton Farleigh desperately needs a shop/meeting place/post office for our residents as well as visitors. Does anyone agree with this? If we have enough people who feel the same … maybe we could look into running something within the community between all of us. I realise this may take some effort – but where there is a ‘will there is a way’, but firstly we need to find out if there is a ‘will’.

    1. evelyn bates

      As you know, I tried very hard to set up a community shop in 2006, and spent several months organizing and enlisting the aid of various “advisers” to no avail, as no one actually volunteered to run the shop. The catchment area is too small to support it, and supermarkets too near, also many people now get deliveries.The Post Office made very half-hearted attempts to get someone to provide a mobile post office with two slots a week, but despite my constantly being in touch with their representative, they failed to find anyone to do this.

  2. Kate Ball

    I would like to make a suggestion for a USEFUL CONTACTS PAGE to add this website for local residents.

    I need an affordable gardener, and handyman for small projects and jobs. Trying to get anyone to reply in the B on A area has been a non starter for me.

    Any recommendations in the meantime would be appreciated.



  3. Philip Johnson

    Looking for Brian Marlow, a retired veterinary surgeon – does he live in the village? Philip Johnson (a colleague and friend from the past)


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